Meet the chef: Michel Roux jr.


This issue’s guest chef is having one of his most exciting years yet. Having just returned from the annual Skrei fishing trip, he shares his ocean adventures and looks back over 25 years at the helm of Le Gavroche.


Good Things: You’ve been mentored by a number of notable talents. Who were the most influential?

Albert, my father, and my Uncle (Michel Sr.) have obviously been huge inspirations, but I’d also reference the late, great Alain Chapel. I worked at the chef’s eponymous triple Michelin-starred restaurant in Lyon for two years as a teenager.

What’s the most memorable meal you’ve ever eaten?

There have been far too many to list, but very often, it’s not all about the food, but equally it’s the location, the ambience, and – most importantly – the company.

2016 will mark your 25th anniversary at Le Gavroche’s helm. How did you start there?

I first came back to Le Gavroche as holiday cover for the Pastry Chef in 1987 – and I’ve been there ever since!


“I would love the late chef Auguste Escoffier to cook for me, using recipes from his eponymous book Le Guide Culinaire. At the table with me would be apprentices from  Le Gavroche, so that they would have the opportunity to sample great classic dishes that shaped French gastronomy.”


Chosen by the Good Things Team 

Starter – Soufflé Suissesse

This rich-yet-featherlight Gruyère cheese souffle cooked on double cream is a Gavroche signature.

Main – Filet de Maigre Parfumé au Ras-el-Hanout


An Arabian spice blend adds intrigue to this stone bass dish, demonstrating Michel’s deft manner of updating classic cuisine.

Dessert – Truffe Chocolat Amedei


Michel is well-known for his love for fine chocolate. Here, it’s combined with peanut brittle, caramel and banana.

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