Five Minutes with Wolfgang Puck


We chat to Wolfgang Puck, Austrian-born culinary legend about his CUT at 45 Park Lane’s restaurant’s new wagyu beef menu, extraordinary career and what keeps him inspired on a daily basis. Recently awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (the second chef ever to have such an achievement), read on to discover more about Puck’s latest culinary adventures…

What inspired you to become a chef?
My mother was a chef in the Austrian town I grew up in, and I spent my childhood cooking by her side. I started formal training at 14, and was fortunate enough to work in a few amazing restaurants, such as Maxim’s in Paris and the Hotel de Paris in Monaco. After moving to the US and eventually Hollywood, my career really began to take off – I went on to open my first flagship restaurant, the first adventure of many! 

Tell us more about the new Wagyu Beef on offer at CUT…
We’re delighted to have unveiled a brand new menu. CUT at 45 Park Lane will be the very first establishment to serve Snake River Farms’ American Wagyu Beef – we’ve chosen this beef because, put simply, it’s the best marbling wagyu livestock outside of Japan. It’s silky, sweet and buttery – but also deliciously unique. Think of it as the best of ‘East meets West.’

What makes Wagyu Beef so special?
The cattle are managed from start to finish – they’re fed for three times longer than regular cattle, which means the beef is highly marbled with a buttery sweet, strong beef flavour – and it also has a really high concentration of beneficial omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Do you have any recommendations from the new menu?
It’s like choosing a favourite child, they’re all fantastic! Ultimately, the highlight of the menu is the New York sirloin steak – it’s ideal for an indulgent and sumptuous meal with friends.

What’s your favourite food city? 
It’s hard to say – I am always discovering new places that I love! L.A is fantastic, as is New York. 

Do you have any tips for culinary success?
For me, the secret to delicious food is simplicity. Focus on the ingredients, the flavours and the quality – that’s the key.

What inspires you on a daily basis?
Well, I am constantly inspired by differing things, people and places. You see, I am always curious to explore more – there is always more to try and more to taste!

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