5 Top Chefs Reveal 2018 Predictions

Five of the UK’s top chefs reveal their culinary predictions for 2018…

1 Adam Reid, The French
On keeping things simple 


“I’m really looking forward seeing a movement towards simple, short menus in 2018 and not just in casual dining but the higher end as well. At The French my focus is more and more on accommodating and offering an option for the ‘time-strapped’ diner who wants something great but only wants it as a part of their evening rather than the old 3 hour tasting menu.”

2 André Garrett, Cliveden House
On food waste 


“I think we will see more and more movement away from food waste and as a result, an increase in ‘nose to tail’ cooking or `root to shoot`, using every part of a vegetable.”

3 Mark Jarvis, Anglo & Neo Bistro
On the cool list and sustainability


“I think value and sustainability will be big, also a large increase of the use of British produce. I can also see Mayfair and West London becoming culinary cool again.”

4 Ben Marks, Perilla
On the rise of veganism

Ben Marks

“I think vegan food will become far more common and accessible as people become more conscious about the environment and their health. I think we’ll see top chefs having to embrace the movement, dietaries have massively increased since I started cooking and it’s difficult to ignore the issues that are arising with our environment.”

5 Toby Burrowes, Elystan Street
On industry improvements


“I am maybe being optimistic in predicting that the future may hold better working conditions than have been prevalent in the past for some of the top end restaurants, I do however think it’s come a long way already with top chefs such as Claude Bosi (Bibendum), Sat Bains (Sat Bains), Adam Byatt (Trinity) and Phil Howard (Elystan Street) having taken steps to improve staff morale with shorter work weeks… effectively making the hospitality industry more attractive to budding young chefs, hopefully easing a possible chef shortage that may face us some time in the future.”

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