6 Kitchen Trends To Try For 2018


When re-designing your home, it is great to introduce a kitchen up to date with the latest trends. Magnet has a range of stunning collections and the latest innovations for your space.

Here’s a few of the best ways to style your kitchen this year…

1  Two Tone Kitchens

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For a pop of colour, go for a section of bright cupboards amongst neutral worktops. Alternatively, combine wooden worktops and white worktops to make the space feel modern and cosy simultaneously.

2 Dark Coloured Kitchens

Newbury Grey

Dark colours in the kitchen is a key trend for next year, like greys and deep blues. Magnet’s Newbury Midnight kitchen is the perfect dark blue hue to add a dramatic touch to any kitchen. For a subtle use of colour, add a deep coloured splashback in Aubergine, Olive, or Cherry.

3  Statement Designs


Stay on trend this season by making a statement in the kitchen. For a unique look, a geometric pattern on an island will make any kitchen stand out. A patterned floor tile or statement wallpaper can also brighten up the home and make your kitchen stand out from the rest.

4 Smart Storage


Modern kitchens should work for you and your lifestyle. That’s why smart storage is the perfect solution for keeping your home neat, tidy and easy to use. Look out for the latest innovations in straightforward storage solutions to create a stylish yet functional aesthetic.

The Cabinet Plus comes down from the cabinet at the touch of a button for easy access to your most used kitchen tools.

5 Copper Accents


Copper accents were a huge trend in 2017 and this is set to continue well into 2018. Copper, brass and metallic accents are the perfect way to modernise your kitchen, especially if you are recreating an industrial feel. Choose copper handles for your cabinets and match with brass kitchen accessories like pans, appliances and crockery for the ultimate warm finish.

6 Open Plan Layouts


Open plan kitchens add a social element, not just to the cooking and dining experience, but to any activities family members are doing within the space. Integrate bespoke matching furniture with your kitchen design, such as a coordinating, TV stand and sideboard, to continue the design theme throughout the home.

With cutting edge product innovations and elegant kitchen collections, it’s easy to bring the latest trends into your home with Magnet.

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