Restaurant Review: Amante Beach Club, Ibiza

At Amante Beach Club in Ibiza, Good Things’ editor Zoe Perrett finds a venue where it’s impossible not to fall in love with the view, the food, and (most likely) your dining companion

When you’re in a state of unrivalled relaxation that can only be achieved when you’re sunk deep into an oversized beanbag beside your lovely love, chilled cava in one hand, the other hand in theirs, even the prospect of fine food can make it nigh-on impossible to struggle to your feet.

Amante love beach

Especially when you’re somewhat transfixed by the sun-soaked, panoramic view of the azure blue sea that stretches out into infinity and laps gently at the pebbly beach below, and are equally in awe of the aesthetically-blessed people who surround you.

Sprawling out across three floors housing a restaurant, bar and terrace, Ibiza’s Amante Beach Club is all about beauty – from its clifftop situation through to its clientele. And, we discover when we finally make it to our table, that theme persists when it comes to the modern Mediterranean menu.

Amante 1

Italian food is big in Ibiza, and Amante’s seasonally-changing menu fuses that cuisine with contemporary Spanish fare. Pre-starter, LB and I amuse our bouches with shots of Andalucian gazpacho – a simple showcase of the bright, beautiful flavour of locally-grown tomatoes.

Flawless service is refreshingly unobtrusive – no unnecessary frills and flourishes; just what you need, when you need it (often delivered before you know you do). Of course, both the guys an girls who work here are utterly gorgeous, but more importantly, they’re also friendly and exceptionally on the ball.


‘Starters proper’ further our quest to exceed our five-a-day: a tasty terrine of buttery avocado, earthy beetroot and sweet-tart marinated turnip with a punchy Peruvian yellow pepper dressing; and a crunchy, refreshing salad of shaved fennel and tomatoes in which young goats’ cheese is used as a sort of dressing, cloaking the vegetables and adding creamy tang to the whole shebang.

Neither of us can stay veggie for more than a single course, so next we tuck into pork belly with cracking crackling whose division is worth a small affectionate fight. Served with pickled pink onions and sweet potato puree, it’s a tasty plateful that’ll greatly please the sweet of tooth.

Amante octopus

Josper-grilled Formentera squid is the star of the show: a handsome arrangement of charred tentacles atop a rectangle of local potato mash flavoured with sobrassada (a soft, spicy sausage that’s omnipresent across Ibiza – and with good reason), all scattered with the samphire-like salicornia that grows wild all over the island.

Amante’s unhurried pace affords much-welcome time to revel in your surroundings. Peering down at the stone heart that a fellow happy, sappy couple have clearly constructed on the beach beneath us, we both come over all drunk in love.

One suspects that a fair few marriage proposals have occurred here; what’s more, one suspects the ultra-romantic location – whose name actually and aptly translates to ‘lover’ – would make it nigh-on impossible to refuse were the question popped.


But on this occasion, the only question we’re asking one another is what to have for dessert. The headline component in my chocolate cream is almost obscured by a colourful riot of bells and whistles including (but not limited to) raspberrries, dehydrated pistachio sponge, chocolate stars, and vibrant purple petals.

LB’s lemon cream is a similarly ample agglomeration of bits and bobs – a pool of curd-like custard populated with candied pecans, blackberries, mint leaves, pink grapefruit pieces and more of that sponge; this time stained a deep red hue.

We want to stay but we don’t want to outstay our welcome. For now, Amante’s evening vibe must remain a mystery to us. But not for long – we’re infatuated with this place, and suspect it won’t be long before it blossoms into full blown love.

Where: Cala Sol d’en Serra, Calle Afueras, s/n, 07849 Cala Longa, Islas Baleares, Spain

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