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The name of Marlene and Lawrence Fearon’s buzzing Brixton restaurant refers to both a traditional bread and an African street dance – and it’s evident that from your fellow diners’ smiles that the food gets tastebuds jumping.

The 16 year-old restaurant was originally opened to showcase how to use Walkerswood-brand spices, and, on the menu, authenticity is adhered to with few frills or fanciful re-imaginings. Lunchtime deals are a big local draw – fill your belly with a plump stuffed roti or one of the fantasticvalue, all-in meal deals.

When darkness falls, it’s a treat to eat in the tropical plant-populated, lantern-littered dining room. The ‘Top Gully’ plantain ring, stuffed with sautéed ackee and saltfish, makes a fine starter. All main dishes are tempting; lively guava-glazed jerk lamb ribs; oxtail and butterbeans; chicken rundown in its creamy coconut sauce; an unusual callalloo lasagne for vegetarians. On the side, try rice and peas, deep-fried ‘festival’, or the starchy boiled bits collectively known as ‘ground provisions’; and a glass of homemade punch or Ital juice.

Do try and save space for pudding – and do make it a helping of the spectacular Wray & Nephew rum hard dough bread pudding savoured with a cup of Blue Mountain coffee.

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