Beetroot Recipes

Whether you prefer them boiled, roasted, raw or pickled, this colourful root vegetable has an earthy taste that’s guaranteed to bring dishes to life with its distinct flavour.

1 Danielle Copperman’s Beetroot, Carrot & Seaweed Laksa-Style Curry

 Copy of BeetrootLaksa_020

Beetroot may not seem like the most common base for a curry, but it creates a uniquely sweet and earthy flavour, which really compliments the neutral nuttiness of grains and pseudograins.

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2 tibits’ Beetroot & Fennel Crumble


Hearty and healthy – serve up a midweek winner with this vegetable crumble.

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3 Marcus Wareing’s Herdwick Lamb, Beetroot and Girolle


Seasonal, stunning and fresh, Marcus Wareing’s Herdwick lamb, beetroot and girolle takes Sunday lunch to an entirely new level.

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4 Antonio Carluccio’s Lasagna Di Bietole Beetroot Lasagne

Lasagna Di Bietole - Beetroot Lasagna

This hearty lasagne replaces traditional beef with beetroot for a sumptuously meat-free mouthful.

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5 Tom Hunt’s Candied Beetroot Chocolate Pot

Tom Hunt - Candied Beetroot Chocolate Pot

This is an intensely rich dessert, so the smallest pot is all you need. The candied beetroots make nice chewy morsels to sink your teeth into.

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6 Beetroot Falafels


Packed full of flavour, these beetroot falafels make a colourful lunch.

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7 Adam Gray’s Beetroot And Fig Filo Pastry Tartlets

Adam Gray has created a visually stunning beetroot and fig filo pastry tart that coaxes Michelin-starred quality out of seasonal ingredients.

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 8 Adam Gray’s Beetroot-Marinated Salmon With Radish Salad


Adam Gray’s beetroot-marinated salmon recipe is as easy on the eye as it is flavoursome. The radish salad on top adds a freshness and crunch to the overall dish, while the beetroot juice adds sweetness, colour and a hint of earthiness to the salmon.

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9 Dan Doherty’s Baby Beetroot Tarte Tatin

Try serving Dan Doherty’s delicious baby beetroot tarte tatin with honey, thyme and cheddar pastry for a vibrant dinner party main.

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10 Beetroot Truffles

Perfect for a lighter yet luscious canapé, these beetroot truffles are just as good for you as they are gorgeous. It’s hard to believe that they contain no refined sugar or dairy just by looking at them, but they’re packed with nutritional goodness thanks to the addition of fresh beetroot and avocado.

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11 Paul Bates’ Roasted Beetroot with Cornish Yarg


With a mixture of tangy beetroot and fresh wild rocket, this roasted beetroot salad, courtesy of Chef Paul Bates from OXBO Bankside, is ideal for a light and flavoursome bite.

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12 Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi’s Beetroot Patties 

2. Beetroot Patties

Beetroot is a nutritional powerhouse and may help to reduce blood pressure, increase stamina and fight heart disease.

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