The Best Alternative Christmas Trees

As gorgeous as traditional Christmas trees are, a number of us have been opting away from our standard decorations and choosing a more unique alternative.

Pinterest have reported a a whopping 83% increase in alternative Christmas tree pins since 2015 – with users choosing wood, delicate paper and romantic fairy lights for their festive decor instead. Here’s a few of the most unique trees to draw inspiration from – from bauble beauties to chalkboard creations.

1 This unique creation uses a combination of hanging decorations and fairy lights to create an impressive wall display – a perfect way to make use of smaller spaces.


Image: Pinterest

This Jubiltree is a simple wooden structure that can be decorated in a new way every year. This design was created by wrapping a garland around it and placing the presents within – making a gorgeously contemporary look.


Image: Pinterest

Forgo the usual tinsel covered branches – this stunning design is created purely with hanging baubles for a modern and striking look.


Image: Pinterest

4 This sweet and simple design uses old sheet music to create adorable mini trees – perfect for a little DIY decor.


Image: Pinterest

5 This wall design is ideal for a rustically original tree – using foraged branches, atmospheric lights and simple decorations to conjure a beautifully shabby chic tree.


Image: Pinterest

6 Forget 3D traditions and opt for an artistic chalkboard canvas tree instead. This creative look is perfect for an alternative take on the usual standing Christmas tree.


Image: Pinterest

7 If you’re a book lover, try creating a novel tree like this design by using stacks of old books and simple lighting.


Image: Pinterest

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