Travel the World – best Newcastle restaurants

TRAVEL THE WORLD – best Newcastle restaurants


Electric-East-4Ever been to Cambodia, Vietnam or Thailand? Well head on up to the ‘Toon’ and eat at Electric East, a restaurant which plays on the South East Asian obsession for scallops, peanuts and fiery chilli – all in the locale of Alan Shearer.

Cunningly the guys at Electric East have offered a tapas-style starter method, enabling you – the hungry peddler – to consume as many flavours as possible without spoiling the main course. Sample miso and ginger spiced lamb balls with vermicelli noodles; or Thai sweet chilli coconut and tiger beer mussels. Scooping the mussels out of the sweet, tangy once-beer is a delight.

For only £3, you can order a large side of sticky rice which you dig out with large spoons and plant on the following mains: Electric East seafood trio served on pumpkin puree with coconut ginger sauce; or Korean BBQ bulgogi sirloin steak served with kimchee and hand-cut chips. With every dish you get a real feast – just as you’d remember from the beer-laced food experiences of your gap year.

Of the desserts, the pudding that encapsulates the maverick energy of this menu is the spiced orange cake with gingerbread ice cream, served in a clear glass bowl, oozing with citrus and heady like a Caribbean sunset.

St James Boulevard, Waterloo Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 4DP | 0191 221 1000 | | T: @ElectricEast | ElectricEast



Luigikhans With a pun in its motto, a spring in its step and a belief that good, Punjabi cuisine can be replicated in the midst of a sodden Northern city, there’s really ‘naan better’ than Luigikhans. 

In a dimly lit, bare-brick grotto, leather sofas line the walls – as do empty photo frames. It is an interesting design, but as the menu arrives you realise this restaurant contains both style and substance. Nestled amongst Punjabi dishes, like masala, dansak and dopiaza, are the ‘signature’ dishes which set this little Indian restaurant apart.

Luigikhans signature lamb, a leg of lamb marinated in chef’s special spice, is baked in a hot, traditional oven. Arriving as a succulent bundle of meat served with Afghani pilau and fresh salad, it is the pick of the menu – both heart-warming and reasonably-priced.

Another meal, the ‘special nehari’, or lamb shank slow-cooked in a special chef-made traditional sauce, is served with sliced chillies, sliced lemon, freshly cut ginger and coriander. It is a fabulous, a ‘special’ meal indeed.

In the bubbling environment, interspersed with the wide disks of freshly-baked naan, you forget you are in Newcastle – or even in a restaurant. You focus on your food and listen to the music, the chatter of friends’ voices and the sizzle of the frying pans in the open kitchen. Luigikhans is the perfect pace to entertain family and friends.

358 Westgate Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6NU | 0191 272 4937 | | T: @Luigikhans | F: Luigi.Khans


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Sohe offers contemporary Asian fusion food to Newcastle,with a blend of Japanese, Chinese and South Asian cuisine that is both perfectly balanced and exquisite to taste.

General Manager Sarah Harker spent months working on preparations for this new restaurant, designing the interior as a modern twist on the traditional Asian dining experience.

Once inside, you soon realise that the food at Sohe also pushes the boundaries. Try the Indonesian beef rendang, a slow-cooked, spicy hunk of beef served with juicy mushrooms. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, choose the Massaman Lamb rump curry, a South Thai speciality of braised lamb rump soaked in a chickpea and tomato sauce. Chefs at Sohe use only the finest local ingreients, creating dishes worth sampling – and a North East spirit worth remembering!

The restaurant’s island bar is made of crisp, white marble and welcomes guests to a selection of handcrafted cocktails, or an elegant wine and fine tea list.

Sohe truly is the place to be for after‐work drinks, dinner or afternoon tea with an Asian twist. Enchantingly lit, the secluded space radiates a soft light, creating a relaxed, luxurious and intimate atmosphere that awakens the senses and stimulates the palate.

97-103 Osborne Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2TJ | 0191 281 8161 | | T: @SoheNewcastle | F: SoheNewcastle


Quilliam-Brothers-1Like your tea? We bet you don’t as much as the Quilliam Brothers, Newcastle’s ‘purveyors of finest te’. Their idea for a Hungarian-style tea house was whisked straight from the brewing city of Budapest itself.

Three brothers from Wylam village wanted to give Newcastle an alternative to the booze culture it is often admired for. So with duffle hats, an eyepiece and a spare building – the Quilliam Brothers’ created their Tea House. With over 60 types of tea – each labelled with a number and letter – they fuse the classic English tea experience and staple varieties like Earl Gray and Darjeeling with more exotic blends, such as mango and chilli, or Sicilian lemon and mint.

Their tea is served in a special china chalice, placed on the fine marble table wih a delicate chink and allowed to breathe for up to a minute before the flavours unravel themselves in the hot water. The airy space is perfect, light and delicate. To eat, try something Hungarian: porkolt pie, for instance; a dainty pork pie filled with sour cream and sweet red cabbage.

Also, the cake – don’t forget the cake. From carrot and coffee to blueberry and pistachio, cakes are made daily, freshly, and are the perfect accompaniment to a bizarre, yet refreshing brew.

1 Eldon Place, Claremont Buildings, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 7RD | 0191 261 4861 | | T: @Quilliambros | F: QuilliamBrothers

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