Blood Orange Recipes


Grown mostly in Mediterranean countries, blood oranges have a distinctive dark-red rind and vivid flesh that’s similar in appearance to grapefruit – although their taste is considerably sweeter.

Try the subtle citrusy tartness for yourself with our favourite chefs’ blood orange recipes

1 Laura Cassai’s chocolate & blood orange panna cotta


Panna cotta, meaning cooked cream, is a lovely traditional Italian dessert – and here it showcases the beautiful combination of chocolate, orange and hazelnut.

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2 Richard Corrigan’s seared scallops with salsify, blood orange and brown shrimp


This elegant dish from Richard Corrigan uses blood orange for a tang that brilliantly offsets the seafood in this scallops and shrimp recipe.

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3 Skye Gyngell’s Candied Blood Orange And White Chocolate Nougat


Serve up a serious sweet treat with this candied blood orange and white chocolate nougat.

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4 Deborah Davis’ Blood Orange Chia Seed Pudding

blood orange chia pudding

Change up your breakfast routine and make up a batch of this healthy blood orange chia seed pudding – a delight which is chock full of fibre and vitamin C.

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5 Skye Gyngell’s lobster salad with fennel and blood oranges


The clean crunch of fennel and winter leaves, such as Castelfranco or frisée, complement the sweet, rich flesh of lobster in this salad, and the sweet, citric taste of blood oranges rounds off the dish perfectly.

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