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The UK is certainly partial to a burger or two – so much so that there’s an entire day dedicated to them. National Burger Day (24 August 2017) is the perfect excuse to indulge, so we’ve rounded up the best chefs’ burger recipes to try for the edible occasion.

Best for something cheesy: Richard Harris’ Chilli Cheese Burgers

Chilli Burger

The secret to a good beefburger, according to chef and food stylist Richard Harris, is simplicity; great beef, simply seasoned and cooked well.  This burger uses a trio of beef cuts with added chilli cheese to create a sumptuous bite. Try his recipe here.

2 Best for something vegan: Nancy Anne Harbord’s Tempura Tofu Steak Burgers With Coriander Pesto


These crispy tofu burgers are packed with flavour and nutrition. Think meaty, umami and extremely satisfying with slices of creamy avocado, red onion and tangy coriander pesto. Find the recipe here.

3 Best for something saucy: Gopi Chandran’s Jack Daniel’s Beef Burger

National Burger Day - Sopwell House (1)-2

Simple yet sumptuous, this recipe uses lashings of Jack Daniel’s sauce to create a beefy feast. Find the recipe here.

4 Best for something lean: Josh Eggleton’s Venison Burger


Josh Eggleton’s venison burger provides a leaner, richer alternative to traditional meat. Packed full of seasoning, the flavours are excellently paired with fresh ciabatta buns and chunky chips. Find the recipe here.

5 Best for something fishy: Nathan Outlaw’s Cod Burgers With Homemade Tomato Ketchup


Prepare these delicious cod burgers for an extravagant barbecue. Nathan Outlaw’s recipe proves that fish is a worthy substitute for beef and is equally enjoyable with a good dollop of homemade tomato ketchup. Find the recipe here.

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