6 Of The Best Ways To Brew Coffee


Bean there, done that. Spruce up your morning cup of java with our handy guide to the best coffee brewing methods. 

From chic cafetieres to easy to use AeroPresses, there’s plenty of intriguing ways to brew coffee that don’t involve the traditional instant option. But don’t panic if you’re unsure about which gadget or method to go for – we’ve compiled a handy video guide on how to use these brewing techniques with deliciously smooth Percol Coffee, one of our favourite organic and Fairtrade coffee brands.

Percol Coffee is based in London and believes in good coffee, from seed to cup. A tasty cuppa is of course important to all of us, but so too is making sure the people and environments that grow coffee are supported, respected and protected. Percol has a range of organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance brews – and they’re all utterly delicious.


Brew-tiful brewing methods:

1. Cafetiere, medium grind
Plunging halfway and bringing back up after two minutes ensures that all of the coffee grinds are saturated, releasing maximum flavour.
2. Chemex 
Chemex coffee is clear, pure and flavourful. Make your coffee as strong as you like – this method takes away any bitterness.
3. AeroPress, fine grind
Prep your Aeropress upside down. The inverted method allows for a longer brewing time and is better if  you’ve got a slightly coarser grind. Also, no pre-press drips. Grind your own beans with Percol’s Next Generation range.
4. Moka Pot, fine grind
Begin with hot water to speed up the process and once light coloured bubbles appear, take off the heat and run the basket under cold water to prevent over-extraction.
5. Capsules
The easiest way to get your caffeine fix. Make the environmentally friendly choice and choose compostable capsules. We love Percol’s Nespresso Compatible Americano Lungo capsules – and even the packaging is recyclable.
6. Coffee bags
Coffee bags guarantee a brew-tiful brew every time. Try Percol’s All Day Americano for delicious ground coffee without the fuss.

PLUS: To try making delicious coffee-mocha brownies at home, click here for our recipe.



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