Comfort Food Recipes

There’s no better way to keep out the cold weather of winter than with a plate (or two) of deliciously warming comfort food.

From succulent ham hock to slow-cooked pies, we’ve found a few of our favourite hearty meals to try for a bite of serious indulgence.

1 Rukmini Iyer’s slow-cooked chicken filo pie


This slow-cooked pie uses chicken thighs, slow cooked in pomegranate molasses until they fall apart like pulled pork and make a wonderfully rich pie filling. Any leftover chicken filling is also fantastic warmed up in tortillas with sour cream for emergency late night snacking.

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2 Tom Kerridge’s braised ham hock with soy and star anise


Perfect for a heart-warming winter’s meal, Tom Kerridge’s and Hiver Beer’s braised ham hock with soy and star anise makes both a succulent dinner party show-stopper or even just a mid-week meal.

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3 Ashburton Cookery School’s wild mushroom risotto


The classic and comforting risotto is given extra depth of flavour with earthy wild mushrooms and sweet bursts of pear.

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4 Nicola Millbank’s Cumberland sausage wheel with sweet leek, cider and pancetta gravy


A dish full of juicy flavour, Nicola Millbank’s Cumberland sausage wheel with sweet leek, cider and pancetta gravy makes the perfect wintery meal. Speedy, filling and utterly sumptuous – it’s the ultimate choice when it comes to hearty soul food.

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5 Romilla Arber’s rhubarb crumble with ginger cream


When it comes to British comfort food, crumble’s always a classic. Try this rhubarb crumble with luscious ginger cream for a decadent dish when the cold weather strikes.

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6 Josh Eggleton’s venison burger with homemade chips

Try Michelin-starred chef Josh Eggleton’s gourmet burger recipe for a solid and succulent meal.

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7 Gizzi Erskine’s black velvet cake


Forget traditional red velvet cake – this rich alternative uses plain chocolate and Guinness to create an irresistible sweet treat.

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8 Milly Cookbook’s Swedish potato waffles


Channel your inner hygee with these simple potato waffles, decked with traditional creme fraiche, onion, roe and dill.

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9 Nathan Outlaw’s Chicken And Mushroom Pie With Cheddar Shortcrust Pastry


Chicken and mushroom pie is wonderful comfort food – and the flavoursome cheddar crust Nathan Outlaw employs makes this chicken and mushroom pie recipe something rather special.

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10 Shanti Maurice’s Malagasy Chicken Stew


Spicy, creamy and sumptuous all at once – you’ll love this Malagasy chicken stew.

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11 Trine Hahnemann’s Kale And Pancetta Tart


Try Trine Hahnemann’s superfood-filled dish for a trendy and tasty tart. Packed full of vitamins and minerals, kale is is not only delicious – but full of nutritional goodness too.

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12 Tom Hunt’s Candied Beetroot Chocolate Pot

Tom Hunt - Candied Beetroot Chocolate Pot

This is an intensely rich dessert, so the smallest pot is all you need. The candied beetroots make nice chewy morsels to sink your teeth into.

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13 Martha Collison’s Salted Caramel Popcorn Cupcakes


These salted caramel popcorn cupcakes combine everyone’s favourite things all in one cupcake! The crunchy popcorn and a rich, salted caramel icing make these irresistible to bite into.

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14 Brasserie Blanc’s Malabar Fish Curry With Toasted Coconut

BB Malabar Fish Curry

Creamy, spicy and bursting with aromatic flavour. This southern Indian fish curry from Brasserie Blanc is ideal for a warming autumnal dish.

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15 Linda Collister’s Raspberry and Chocolate Fudge Brownies


Le Cordon Bleu trained cook and baker, Linda Collister’s rich brownies are studded with juicy raspberries, crunchy nuts and white chocolate pieces – conjuring a triple chocolate treat that’s perfect for a little naughty decadence.

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