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It would be fair to say that, where the majority of the amazing Caribbean food available in the UK is concerned, presentation comes somewhat secondary to achieving a taste that touches your soul. Indeed, not too many food-lovers would prefer the reverse; but it’s always pleasing to encounter style backed up with substance.

Discovery Bay’s Barrington Douglas believes that by showcasing classic Caribbean food to the masses, the neglected cuisine will finally achieve the recognition so deserved. Elegant presentation only enhances menus which offer a modern twist on traditional fare; the chef bringing punchy island flavours to items like his special jerk pork pie.

For starters, a mini tapas platter gives a duo of diners a good sampling of specialities: succulent, spicy chicken wings, Discovery Bay’s house-style ribs, sweet potato spring rolls and saltfish fritters. Fans of tangy, fresh flavours will love escabeche fish bathed in a pickle-y marinade, whilst curry goat offers a deeper, richer experience. It’s easy to see why the pork in a creamy rum sauce has earned a place on the ‘special’ dish list.

Both the concise Caribbean cocktail list and the ‘luxurious rums’ are worth exploring – the latter paired, perhaps, with a slice of homemade ginger cake.

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