Discover Emilia Romagna’s Finest Food Festivals

Emilia Romagna is an Italian region brimming with culinary delights. Prosciutto di Parma ham; Parmigiano-Reggiano and Fossa cheeses; Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena and Reggio Emilia; Sangiovese and Lambrusco wines… the list of treats goes on and on.

Often considered a hidden gem in Northern Italy, Emilia Romagna hosts a number of sumptuous foodie offerings throughout autumn and winter – from truffle fairs to olive oil festivals, it’s time to discover your next edible adventure.

1 White Truffle National Trade Fair, Sant’Agata Feltria


The “Fiera Nazionale del Tartufo Bianco” in the beautiful town of Sant’Agata Feltria is often considered Italy’s ‘Truffle City’ and is one of the best places to visit to see a true celebration of white truffles. Here, they are proudly exhibited, with ample opportunity for visitors to sample and buy pure truffle, and other truffle products.

Every Sunday, throughout October, the streets and squares of this characteristic medieval village come alive with entertaining music and rich aromas – a real delight for foodies!

When: Every Sunday in October. See here for more.

2 Tartufesta White Truffle Fair, Bologna


This White Truffle trade fair welcomes large crowds every year to the little villages scattered throughout the Bolognese Apennines. Visitors come from far and wide to sample the area’s most precious product, the white truffle, as well as enjoy street markets, wine and food tasting, dog competitions and of course, the beautiful Apennine landscape.  

When: Every Sunday in October and November. See here for more.

3 Sagra del Formaggio Di Fossa, Talamello

Fiera del Formaggio di Fossa Ambra di Talamello (Rn)

Every November, in the hills around Rimini, the famous Sagra del Formaggio Di Fossa cheese is unearthed from the sandstone pits where it has been kept to mature since August, and the little town of Talamello celebrates this with the Sagra del Formaggio di Fossa festival, “Ambra di Talamello”.

Alongside other regional products and some live entertainment, the town puts its famous cheese out for all to sample its creamy but tangy flavour.

When: 18th and 19th November 2017. See here for more.

4 Il Pesce fa Festa, Cesenatico, Forli-Cesena

Il Pesce fa festa Cesenatico (FC)

An annual celebration in the town of Cesenatico, this is a hugely popular destination to enjoy gourmet fish from the local fishermen. The festival also showcases local wine of the area and diners come from all over Italy to enjoy this town’s gastronomic delights.

The festival programme includes a market exhibition with 80 stalls, including open air stalls along the canal and tasting stations in the town center, showcasing both baked and grilled fish. In the port area of Ponente, a huge tented restaurant is open for the entire duration of the festival, with a wide range of traditional fish recipes prepared by the cooks of the Association of Restaurants of Cesenatico.

When: 1 – 5 November. See here for more.

5 Olive and Autumn Products Fair, Coriano

Sagra dell'olivo e dell'olio di Brisighella (Ra)

This autumnal gourmet fair celebrates the local extra virgin olive oil, which holds the Colline di Romagna PDO*.  Visitors can enjoy a range of experiences, including exhibitions of agricultural, forest and dairy products; exhibitions on Romagna civilisation; olive oil and wine tastings; folk music and games; activities for children and street performances.

When: 19 and 26 November. See here for more.

November Porc – Sissa, Polesine Parmense, Zibello, Roccabianca

"NOVEMBER PORK" Sissa (Pr) 7 Novembre 2009 nell'ambito del progetto "wine e food festival" della Regione Emilia Romagna, la sagra della carne suina, nella Photo (Ph © Giorgio SALVATORI) un momento dell'inaugurazione, con Tiberio Rabboni - assessore all'agricoltura della Regione Emilia Romagna, e Andrea Babbi Amministratore Delegato di Apt Emilia Romagna e il "mariolone" mai prodotto così grande.

Every weekend of November, in the land of Verdi and Guareschi, the exciting salami competition of Italy will take place in four different towns, with each hosting a different category: the biggest Mariolone (in Sissa), the heaviest Prete (in Polesine Parmense), the longest Strolghino (in Zibello) and the biggest Chocolate (in Roccabianca).

This entertaining event spanning a full month features live music, games and family fun, live demos, and of course, plenty of opportunities to tuck into all the different meat!

When: Takes place in a different town each weekend of November. For more information, see here.

7 Olive Tree and Olive Oil Festival, Brisighella

L'olio di Brisighella (Ra)

Olive tree growing in Brisighella has origins stretching as far back as the Romans, and its products are highly valued throughout Italy, with its refined extra virgin oils having been awarded the PDO label.

The traditional festival celebrating this premium product takes place in the medieval town centre where festival visitors can enjoy music entertainment whilst they browse the stands and market which sell local products and of course, the Brisighella Oils.

For more information, visit

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