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Swansea also visits Indonesia Avenue with Garuda – the next stop on our culinary travels; the small restaurant offering all the broth and pints of noodles you’d expect from any clanging Jakarta café.

Introduced to Swansea in 2000, as of 2014 it remains the only Indonesian restaurant in Wales. This hasn’t introduced complacency to proceedings, with owner and chef Suriyani Watcyn-Jones epitomising the union between two entirely disparate culinary traditions; even appearing on Welsh television programme ‘Tastes of Wales’ a few years ago.

The venue is BYOB, which adds to the casual, heated jumble of the restaurant. Peter, Ani’s husband and front-of-house, greets you as your guide on your foray into a homemade Indonesian odyssey that might start with Sate ayam, (chicken skewers); wonderfully-moist and full of peanut flavour; or perhaps Pergedel Java; a stack of minced meat and potato fritters coated with egg white then deep-fried.

Gule cod is the first thing that catches the eye when you look though the list, and it both promises and delivers something exotic and different. It arrives bathed in spicy coconut milk flavoured with fresh chilli, turmeric, ginger, coriander, galangal, lemon grass, onion and salam leaf; the fresh flaky flesh well-steeped in the subtle, spicy gravy..

We are in Swansea, place of the largest indoor market in the UK and capital of Welsh fish, so another of our party ventures to try the Tauco cumi-cumi, a full squid cooked in fresh green chilli, ginger, onion, garlic, tomato and lemon grass with a yellow bean sauce. Truly delicious!

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