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Grilled MeatWritten by WILL MARTIN

Wood, lamplight and darkness greet customers at Kan Zaman. It is a cosy setting for Swansea’s first and only Lebanese restaurant. Old oil lamps look like they could hold a genie, while the modest exterior leaves no clue of the secret labyrinth of cushions and trinkets found behind the doors.

One rule before we start on this Lebanese adventure: bring your own wine! Kan Zaman is unlicensed, so if you do require wine with your shish, dust off your claret and slip it in your handbag. It’s cheaper that way.

Even though the cuisine of the Lebanon is one that’s renowned for mastery of the meat kebab, vegetarians are well catered for here. A member of our group, a pescetarian, ordered the ‘Vegetarian meal’ and was rewarded with a steaming bed of flatbread crammed with crumbly falafel and a sharp drizzle of tzatziki. If you do want to walk down kebab alley – undeniably the reason that the majority of customers are here –  the Lamb kofta is a delicious option; hefty and great value for money, with the juicy lamb taking centre stage on a platter of salad, fresh flatbread and cool yoghurt.

You can even try the Lebanese speciality ‘Baby chicken’, which comes marinated in herbs and olive oil and served on skewers. Really, though, it’s the fact that the restaurant is a simple, exotic hangout that caters for students, professionals and Lebanese natives alike that gives Kan Zaman its rare balance of charm and simplicity.

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