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Bompas & Parr and Mondrian London are launching the first of a series of experiential dining events that invite the public to take a closer look at the path that food takes to their plate.

This unique series will require guests to kill their own lunch before tucking into it. The first workshop focuses on crabs and will take place in the world-class kitchens of Sea Containers restaurant. Guests will first  learn how to humanely despatch crustaceans… before each person will be given their own live animal to kill.


This ritual will allow attendees to take a close look at crabs, appreciating their provenance and their role within the ocean food chain – set against the context of humans’ insatiable desire for beautiful and tasty food. You will then kill their crab to an RSPCA-approved method, before cooking and de-shelling it.

Collectively the experiences will draw attention to the reality of what raising, culling and preparing animals to eat actually entails. Each crab will be dressed by the venue’s chefs – before the experience finishes with a delicious sit-down meal.


Tickets also include a cocktail inspired by the sea and a becalming manicure to balance out the brutality. As well as tasty treats, before leaving you will be provided with a takeaway guide to killing crabs, to replicate the process at home, as well as a detailed recipe card for the food you will have just enjoyed.

The details
Tickets: Just 16 tickets are available per lunchtime class, priced at £45 per ticket. Click here to book.
Dates: 23rd and 30th April
Where: 20 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD

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