Leigh Evans’ Ashed Venison Haunch

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Ashed venison haunch meets red cabbage, smoked dauphinoise, blackberries, kale and onion ash with this sumptuous recipe from Leigh Evans, Head Chef of The Methuen Arms in Horsham

For the venison:
• 2 venison haunch steaks
• 100g washed kale
• 50g butter

To make onion ash for the plate:
• 5 onions, cut into the same size.
• 250g hay
• 200g Absorbit
• 200g onion flakes

To make onion ash for the venison:
• 5 onions, cut into the same size
• 250g Hay

For the red cabbage
• 2 red cabbage, finely sliced, lightly salted
• 250ml white wine vinegar
• 250g sugar
• 250ml water
• pinch mixed spice

For the dauphinoise:
• 1kg potatoes, finely sliced
• 1 litre double cream
• 1 whole bulb of smoked garlic
• sprig rosemary
• sprig thyme
• salt & pepper

For the blackberry jus:
• 2 Litre good quality stock
• 50ml sherry vinegar
• 50ml sloe gin
• 1 banana shallot, sliced
• 1 clove garlic
10 blackberries

For the ash venison:
1 Burn onions in the oven until completely black, and burn down an equal amount of Hay. When both burnt down, blitz in a food processor, into a fine powder.
2 Coat your venison haunch steak in the Ash and wrap up tightly. Leave for 24 hours before cooking. This starts to cure the meat and tenderise it.

For the smoked dauphinoise:
1 Bring double cream, smoked garlic, rosemary and thyme to the boil, and then remove from the heat.
2 Slice peeled potatoes with a mandolin.
3 Line a small gastro tray with baking paper, and build layers of potato with the garlic cream to cover, and other layer. Be sure to season generously! Once built 2/3 the way up, bake in the oven at 150oc until soft.
4 Press with a tray on top over night.

For the red cabbage:
1 Slice red cabbage very finely and salt for an hour.
2 Bring white wine vinegar, sugar, mixed spice to the boil.
3 Wash salt off cabbage and cook in the liquor.
4 Once soft, remove from the liquid.

For the blackberry jus:
1 Reduce a good quality beef stick with sloe gin and a splash of sherry vinegar. Finish with fresh blackberries.

To finish:
1 Roast the venison haunch in foaming butter, keeping it rare.
2 Cut a slice of the dauphinoise off and pan fry.
3 Wilt kale in butter and water.
4 Heat the cabbage.
5 Plate as desired and finish with the blackberry sauce.

Recipe courtesy of Leigh Evans, Head Chef of The Methuen Arms in Horsham

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