Little Persia


The dining room at Little Persia is a cosy place to while away an afternoon or evening, and, happily, the food is as pleasant as the surroundings. The traditional Persian furnishings and knick knacks, star-shaped coloured-glass lanterns, and a warm palette of desert-sunset colours make it feel more like you’re eating out in the Middle East than West London.

Do as they do in Persia, and ponder the menu over a plate of panir sabzi; enjoying explosive mouthfuls of peppery radish, joltingly-fresh herbs, and creamy feta cheese. After extensive contemplation, you’ll probably plump for mixed starters and fresh, stone-baked naan.

It’s a shame that the main course menu does not offer a similar selection. Instead, you’ll have to face the ever-present quandary of Persian cuisine: grill, rice, or stew? If you go with the former then a mixed grill offers the chance to sample a good range of meats. The chicken-and-rice dish zeresht polo, studded with sweet-sour barberries, is a perennial favourite, as is the stew that combines lamb, fried aubergine and creamy, earthy split peas.

As a final flourish, take tea and baklava in the tented alfresco dining area, and relish the traditional Persian atmosphere just a little longer before you return to reality.

38 Queensway, London W2 3RS | 020 7243 8288 | | T: @LittlePersiaRes | FB: Little.Persia.Restaurant

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