Manoush Cuisine

HummusThe in-house, live-action bread-baking is a major feature at Manoush Cuisine. Indeed, so committed is the restaurant to sharing knowledge about the staple in Persian cuisine that the website has a section devoted to discussing the different types. It follows, then, that you should start with little dishes eaten with fresh, fluffy discs of sesame-studded naan.

Various mezze selections mean you can try small portions of several items; a quartet of dips, perhaps. Add a few items like dolmeh, cheese-filled sambousek pastries, a fatoush salad, and the spicy potato dish, batata harra, and you’ve almost made a meal – but don’t miss mains.

If you’re feeling a little full, just take pause and soak up the atmosphere of the lantern-lit restaurant before placing your order. Looking at the lengthy list will buy you a few more minutes to build your appetite afresh for a plate that might be filled with anything from baby chicken on the bone to butterflied shrimp, all served with saffron rice and salad. If you prefer something with a sauce, okra stew is deep, earthy and satisfying.

Manoush Cuisine serves Persian breakfasts from 9 a.m. – although it might be wise to save the shisha for somewhat later in the day.

48 Queensway, London W2 3RY | 020 7727 6886 | | T: ManoushCuisine | FB: ManoushCuisine

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