Meet the Chef: Dave Rann


We chat with Dave Rann, Head Chef of Juniper Tree to find out more about his love for seasonal ingredients, culinary heroes and where he likes to order a dish when not in the kitchen.

What inspired you to become a chef?
I come from a long line of chefs. My dad, cousin & sister are all chefs.  So cooking has always been part of my life.  Then, I drew inspiration from the chefs I trained with like Darrel Wilde and Gary Rhodes.

Describe your style of cooking?
I like to be creative, individual and my cooking is constantly evolving!  But I’d say my broad style is modern British with a classic French twist.


Where does your inspiration come from?
I draw inspiration from seasonal ingredients.  I love searching for the best seasonal, British organic ingredients and finding ways to give them their best expression.


What’s your favourite dish on the current menu?
Juniper cured salmon with textures of broccoli (starter) and pan-fried Seabass with confit fennel, tomatoes & sauce vierge (main)

Do you have any role models?
Gary Rhodes, Darrel Wilde, Gordon Ramsay all inspired & raised me as a chef.  They remain my role models.

Promotional photoshoot of The Juniper Tree Restaurant , 72 Belsize Lane, London, NW3 5BJ

Any tips for aspiring chefs?
You have to be very committed.  Your life to some degree has to revolve around the kitchen.  Stay committed and put in the hard graft.

Where’s your favourite restaurant?
Brasserie Chevot.  Sketch.

What would you liked to have been if not a chef?
[Looks flummoxed] Ooh.  Hmm.  Dunno.  I’ve never imagined not being a chef!  A builder?  Or a politician. Haha. No, don’t put that…

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