Mince Pie Recipes

One of the most recognisable symbols of the festive season, the mince pie manages to hold almost the very essence of Christmas within its crust. Try a few of our favourite chef recipes for a festive sweet treat.

1 Eric Lanlard’s Cake Boy Hazelnut Ale mince pies


Celebrity chef and Master Pâtissier Eric Lanlard sumptuous mince pies are infused with the the nutty flavours of his Cake Boy Hazelnut Ale for a deliciously rich treat. Try them here.

2 Ben Tish’s empanadilla mince pies

17. BenTish for Gresado Ben's Mince Pies 1 IMG_5919

This decadent treat uses a combination of sherry, dark brandy, pine nuts and an array of spices to create a flavour-filled delight. Try them at home here.

3 Francesco Mazzei’s Calabrian mince pies


Francesco Maze’s Calabrian mince pies are a bite of complete decadence. Made with a mixture of walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachio nuts and dried fruit, they’re best enjoyed when paired with a glass of Marsala for the perfect post-dinner treat. Find the recipe here.

4 Sharpham Park’s spelt flour mince pies 


Break from tradition and try baking your mince pies with spelt flour instead. Compared to conventional wheat flour, spelt flour is versatile, light and easy to digest – making it a helpful aid for the hectic party season! The sweet and nutty flavour adds great depth to the mince pie, making a deliciously trendy treat. Try them here.

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