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Merchant’s Heart, the new premium spirit enhancer offers six contemporary and innovative flavours – which make the ideal addition to any home bar this festive season.

The collection is specifically intended to be paired with premium spirits and has been designed to allow the spirit to shine through on the palate for an enhanced drinking experience making it the ideal gift for any spirit fanatic or drinks enthusiast this Christmas.

Merchant’s Heart can already be found in a handful of the UK’s most celebrated cocktail bars, but the range is also available for purchase in specialist retailers such as Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason and Gin Foundry.  The seven variants range from a dry hibiscus tonic – suitable for lifting premium gins, to a dryer Ginger Ale – ideal for pairing with aged spirits, particularly bourbon and premium whisky..

The range was developed with the help of some of the world’s best bartenders such as Davide Segat from Punch Room at the London Edition, Bobby Hiddleston from Swift, and Ali Burgess from Happiness Forgets.

With amazing carbonation, a hollow centre that allows spirits to shine through and with amazing unique flavours, it’s far more than your average bubbly pairing.

Try the range…

  1 Classic Tonic Water 


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2 Floral Aromatics 


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3 Pink Peppercorn


 4 Ginger Ale


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5 Hibiscus


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6 Light Tonic Water


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