19. Myristica

With the cobbled street outside, rustic industrial sheds and newly built building housing opposite, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a quirky, experimental nouveau cuisine house, opportunistically plonked into reclaimed space.

When you step into Myristica, you are greeted by an immaculate, classic décor, evidenced by the cream-upholstered seating throughout the restaurant. It has an intimacy and privacy as a result of the complementing blinds, and the service is second to none, with every step of a perfect dining experience given attention. House specialities are announced (at the time relatively new to the menu but integral all the same). These included authentic, regional-specific Indian food – going far beyond the highly ‘anglicised’ menus of normal curry houses. ‘Anglicised’ being in inverted commas, however, as Myristica have created dishes with fresh, locally sourced regional ingredients including rabbit (rabbit varuval – rabbit meat tossed with onions, chillis, curry leaves and ground spices – £6.95), venison (Achari Venison – venison in delicate pickling marinade, cooked in a tandoor and served with potato & spinach mash – £12.95) and even the barbary duck (oven roasted duck breast glazed with garlic, tamarind & sesame seeds served with pilau rice – £13.95).

Using local meats such as game and more seasonal ingredients such as partridge are en vogue in high end curry houses at present, but these dishes are executed wonderfully and still give that aura of an adventurous kitchen. The rest of the menu (including some household favourites) is just as delectable, the side dishes were incredibly tasty and the drinks and wine menu extensive. This elegant restaurant is one to sample for yourselves.

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