Adam Handlings’ Nutcracker Sweet


Chef Adam Handlings’ Nutcracker Sweet is perfect for a tempting grown-up sweet treat. Made with Nutella, chocolate liquor and dark rum, it’s both decadent and utterly divine.

Adam Handling 6

Serves one

2 x teaspoons of Nutella
25ml of Chocolate Liquor
50ml of Dark Rum

1 Heat 100ml of milk in a pan.
2 Add 2 x teaspoons of Nutella to the milk.
3 Add 25ml of Chocolate Liquor and 50ml of Dark Rum.
4 Pour the mixture into a cocktail shaker.
5 Shake the cocktail shaker for 30 seconds.
6 Pour into a martini glass.
7 Garnish with grated chocolate.

Recipe courtesy of Adam Handling. See here for more.

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