Pablo Peñalosa-Najera’s Venison Tartare



Pablo Peñalosa-Najera, Head Chef of Mayfair’s Latin American restaurant, MNKY HSE, has created a deliciously meaty autumnal dish – smoked venison with a mix of cornichons, serrano chile and dijon mustard. 

For the tartare:
32g capers
32g cornichons
32g shallots
10g serrano pepper
16g olive oil
16g dijon mustard
4g tabasco sauce
32g lemon juice
400g venison fillet

For the eggs:
600ml Mezcal
120ml soy sauce 120ml
240ml Worcestershire sauce
4 x egg yolks

For the garnish:
4g heritage radish
8g micro leaves
8g lotus root

1 First flambe the mezcal to burn the alcohol, then finely chops the capers, cornichons, serrano pepper and shallots then mix both together.
2 Next, combine the egg yolks with the mixture for at least 30 minutes, the longer the more flavour and heat at a low temperature.
3 Then, dice the meat into really small cubes and mix it with the mezcal sauce and heat at 50 C. Finely slice the radish and lotus root, deep frying the lotus root.
4 To serve, make a circle on the plate with the meat and dressing, then pour the yolk, which has been slowly cooked at a low temperature, over the venison.
5 Finally, serve with the garnish and present the dish to the table.

Recipe courtesy of Pablo Peñalosa-Najera, Head Chef of MNKY HSE

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