Delicious Pasta Dishes

Do you know your tagliatelle from your tortellini? How about your scialatelli from your spaghetti? Here’s a few of our favourite pasta dishes to celebrate World Pasta Day (Tuesday 25 October) with. Buon Appetito!

1 Seafood tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes, chilli and basil
Seafood pasta x2

Gather your family and friends together and share this delicious dish that’s full of spice, colour and sumptuous flavour. Try it here.

 2 Vivian Varese’s rainbow pasta with Italian fish stewimg59308-1426x713
Visually incredible, Milan’s favourite chef impressive recipe is not only vibrant but delicious too. Channel your inner artist and try it yourself here.

3 Andrea Berton’s spaghetti alla chitarra with plum tomato sauceimg43755-1426x713
We love this delicious pasta dish that’s packed full of authentic Italian flavour. Try it yourself here.

Salvatore Elefante’s tagliolini with tuna, aubergine cream and burrataimg58074-1426x713
Terrific on the taste buds, this tagliolini dish has a lovely range of colour and flavours. Try it here.

5 Cocoa-dusted scallops with tagliarelle and rocketSavoury Chocolate Scallops
Unusual and mouthwateringly delicious, we love this cocoa-dusted scallop recipe. Try it for your next dinner party here.

6 Classic pasta pesto with Parma ham

Fast and fantastic, this tasty pasta dish combines home-made pesto sauce with Parma Ham, toasted pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and basil to create a wonderfully rich meal. Give it a go here.

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