Paul Bates’ Raspberry Cheesecake

Head chef at the OXBO Bankside Paul Bates is well known for creating menus that showcase a combination of authentic ingredients and exotic tastes that give old English favourites an innovative twist. His raspberry cheesecake is no exception and this recipe is an indulgent choice that’s perfect for dinner parties or weekend treats.


360g Cream cheese
110g Caster sugar
400g Whipping cream
330g Raspberry puree
4 Bronze gelatine Leaves

For the cheesecake base:
300g Digestive biscuits
125g Melted butter

1 Blitz digestive biscuits in a food processor to form a fine crumb or place inside a plastic bag and smash with a rolling pin
2 Mix melted butter into the biscuit crumb then press into the base of a lined 8inch spring from tin
3 Bake at 180C for 6 minutes
4 Beat the cream cheese and sugar until soft and smooth
5 Bloom the gelatine leaves in ice water
6 Boil 1/2 of the puree and dissolve the gelatine in the hot liquid. Once gelatine has melted add the remainder of the puree and stir to cool the mix
7 Gradually add raspberry puree to the cream cheese. Scrape down the bowl between each addition
8 Semi-whip the cream and fold into the mixture
9 Pour mix into cake tin with prepared base and set

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