Pork Recipes

Whether it’s sumptuously slow-cooked or fired up in a flash for a speedy dish, you’ll love our favourite chefs’ mouth-watering pork recipes.

1 Graham Campbell’s braised pork cheeks with baby leeks and sultana ragu


This sumptuous pork cheeks recipe from Graham Campbell features a memorable caraway jus and a sultana ragu, as well as good old fashioned mash. Try it here.

2 Nuno Mendes’ pork secretos with red wine tapioca


This colourful and flavourful pork secretos with artichokes and red wine tapioca recipe from chef Nuno Mendes makes a succulent dinner. Find the recipe here.

3 Omar Allibhoy’s spiced mashed potatoes with crispy pork belly


This traditional tapa comes from Avila in the province of Castilla, the epicentre of Spain. Castilla is a land of history, kingdoms, castles, cathedrals and an outstanding gastronomy. Spicy and sumptuous, find the recipe here.

4 Ben Tish’s Roasted And Grilled Pork Ribs With Quince Glaze


Ben Tish’s glorious barbecue ribs recipe uses Ibérico pork, a much-lauded variety of speciality pork from Spain, which are coated in a sticky quince glaze. Serve with roast potatoes or a colourful salad for a fantastic dinner party centrepiece. Find the recipe here.

5 Tom Hunt’s shoulder of pork with stuffed apples


Meaty and mighty, this roast pork is ideal for keeping warm on a chillier day. Find the recipe here.

6 David Ponté’s pulled pork sliders

pulled pork sliders

Sliders are mini hamburgers, which are popular in the State – and this is a delicously Brasilian take on them. The pulled pork is really worth the effort, and it’s also used in feijoada. Try them at home here.

7 Jason Atherton’s pork shanks with haricot beans

Tom Hunt's pork

This pork shank osso bucco is an ideal dish to serve a hungry crowd. It looks really impressive if you bring the shanks and haricot beans to the table spread out on a large platter. Try it here.

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