Quilliam Brothers


Written by WILL MARTIN

Like your tea? We bet you don’t as much as the Quilliam Brothers, Newcastle’s ‘purveyors of finest te’. Their idea for a Hungarian-style tea house was whisked straight from the brewing city of Budapest itself.

Three brothers from Wylam village wanted to give Newcastle an alternative to the booze culture it is often admired for. So with duffle hats, an eyepiece and a spare building – the Quilliam Brothers’ created their Tea House. With over 60 types of tea – each labelled with a number and letter – they fuse the classic English tea experience and staple varieties like Earl Gray and Darjeeling with more exotic blends, such as mango and chilli, or Sicilian lemon and mint.

Their tea is served in a special china chalice, placed on the fine marble table wih a delicate chink and allowed to breathe for up to a minute before the flavours unravel themselves in the hot water. The airy space is perfect, light and delicate. To eat, try something Hungarian: porkolt pie, for instance; a dainty pork pie filled with sour cream and sweet red cabbage.

Also, the cake – don’t forget the cake. From carrot and coffee to blueberry and pistachio, cakes are made daily, freshly, and are the perfect accompaniment to a bizarre, yet refreshing brew.

1 Eldon Place, Claremont Buildings, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 7RD | 0191 261 4861 | Quilliambrothers.com | T: @Quilliambros | F: QuilliamBrothers

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