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When approaching Rajpoot in Bath, blink and you will miss the entrance. The door takes you down to a decadently-fitted underground cave, where you are met by friendly staff serving drinks in the bar area before being shown to your table. It is hard not to notice just how much care and attention has been paid to the décor, which has achieved the difficult task of being colourful and ornamental, yet tasteful. It gets better – as you are shown to your table, the rooms become themed: Alap, Chameli, India Cottage, Jonaki, Kameni, Kamra and old India, you decide. Certainly, you wouldn’t have thought there was this much space down here.

Having eaten for both lunch and dinner here, we were impressed with the energy and attentive service at all times by the staff, with the entire restaurant clearly designed with the overall dining experience in mind. The food? Signature dishes include Jhal Noorpuri (chicken cooked with rare herbs and green chillies in a hot sauce – £10.75) or Jaflang – a Rajpoot classic, with chicken cooked using herbs and spices collected from the hills of Jaflang in Northern Bangladesh – £10.75), but their major house speciality lies in the Achari Golda Chingri (freshwater king prawns imported from Bangladesh, – marinated with garlic, yoghurt and red chillies and cooked with fine spices and herbs – £15.95). If you are in Bath, you need to book a visit to Rajpoot!

Rajpoot House, 4 Argyle Street, Bath B2 4BA | 01225 466833 | rajpoot.com


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