Restaurant Review: Yosma

Authentic, elegant and accessible, in our Nov/Dec 2016 issue, this Turkish delights Editor Zoë Perrett.

A top-notch Turkish in central London was always the dream. Aside from Oklava in Shoreditch, the only way to sate a craving for the likes of lamb ribs and Ali Nazik was with a trip ‘oop North’ (well, to Green Lanes, which is as far in that direction as many Londoners are willing to travel). And then Yosma opened its doors. And, at last, the dream was realised.

The venue


The Baker Street restaurant may be billed as a ‘meyhane, mangal and raki bar’, but it’s miles away from the rambunctious, functional grill houses to which Turkish families and hip kids flock to feast on vast mixed grills. The Good Food Society group’s seriously sleek setup features an open kitchen, elegantly unflashy decor, and a menu you can graze from or feast upon. It’s not theme-y, or fussy, or novel. It’s just a thoroughly pleasant place to dine.

The food and drink


If you know Turkish cuisine, you’ll find the menu smattered with words that will instil confidence from the off – pastirma (cured beef sausage); haydari (herby strained yogurt); uykuluk (sweetbreads). If you’re into fine food, you’ll be every bit as pleased by phrases like ‘Cornish day-boat fish’ and ‘Josper-grilled best-end chops’.

Menu lingo’s all well and good, but rest assured; any Bee Gees-esque doubts that ‘it’s only words’ will fast be dispelled. Come with a crowd, because then you can cover the table with variously-sized plates and pick prime morsels like a hungry magpie.

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Where: 50 Baker Street, London W1U 7BT
Bookings: To make a reservation, click here.
Price: Average cost for a meal for two with drinks: £95

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