Rhubarb Recipes


Add a touch of sweetness to your dishes with this seasonal pink favourite. From a traditional and hearty crumble to a more elegant rhubarb purée, discover our delicious selection of the best rhubarb recipes

1 Jason Atherton’s mascarpone mousse tarts with rhubarb sorbet


This sophisticated dessert is a cross between a tartlet and a millefeuille – and is beautiful in both presentation and taste.

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2 Atul Kochha’s pigeon breasts with sweet rhubarb pickle


Rhubarb is always an interesting ingredient to cook with – and is so versatile for both sweet and savoury dishes. The rhubarb pickle is the perfect companion for the pan-fried pigeon breasts flavoured with Atul’s own blend of garam masala.

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3 Hannah Miles’ Champagne rhubarb cheesecake

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The rhubarb season is short so you need to make the most of this delicious fruit whilst it is around. This cheesecake is topped with kitsch crispy cornflakes – a perfect contrast to the sharp rhubarb.

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4 Adam Stokes’ duck breast with rhubarb purée and walnut granola


Chef Adam Stokes combines tart rhubarb, poached in a sweet liquor of vanilla and star anise, with a crunchy, savoury granola to provide a dish bursting with texture.

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5 Tom Kitchin’s rhubarb crumble tarts


A good crumble is the perfect way to round off a Sunday lunch and is surely one of Britain’s most popular puddings. Try these rhubarb crumble tarts for a fun twist on the classic.

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6 Hannah Miles’ rhubarb and ginger pavlova


Pavlova is commonly served with strawberries or raspberries, but this classic has been given a fun twist with a delicately ginger-scented meringue and oven-poached rhubarb – which is especially good when rhubarb is first in season.

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