Riddle & Finns’ Natural Smoked Haddock


This is one of Riddle and Finns most popular dishes that showcases the great flavour of British Haddock. Served with kale mashed potatoes and poached egg in Champagne sauce, it’s ideal for an autumnal warmer.

Serves 2 

For the smoked haddock:
• Smoked Haddock
• 160g Fillet Smoked Haddock Butter 500g Fish Trimmings

For the poached egg in Champagne sauce:
• 50ml Champagne
• 1 Shallot Chopped
• 1 Garlic Bulb Cut in Half
• 1 Bay Leaf
• 10g Thyme
• 1 Star Anise
• 500ml Double Cream
• 2 Free Range Eggs Poached
• 1 Tbsp White Wine Vinegar
• 2 Free Range Eggs
• Chives Chopped
• Salt
• Pepper

For the kale mashed potatoes:
• 500g Maris Piper Potatoes Peeled and Chopped
• 50g Butter
• 25g Double Cream
• 100g Blanched Kale Chopped
• Seasoning

For the egg:
1 Roast fish trimmings until golden in colour.
2 Add champagne, chopped shallots, garlic bulb, bay leaf, thyme and star anise into a pan with
the fish trimmings and bring to boil.
3 Reduce by half and then add the cream.
4 Leave to simmer until the consistency can run through fine sieve.
5 Fill a small pan with a third of cold water and bring to boil.
6 Add vinegar and reduce to a simmer.
7 Crack the egg gently and tip into the simmering water and lightly poach.
8 Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen towel.
9 Season with chives, salt and pepper and add to the warm champagne sauce.

For the potatoes:
1 Place the potatoes in a large pan of water and bring to boil.
2 Cook the potatoes until tender and then drain them in a colander.
3 Let potatoes rest until they are dry and then mash with masher until light and fluffy.
4 Season and add chopped blanched kale to mash.
5 Place a metal ring into centre of the bowl plate and create a round ring of kale mash.

For the haddock:
1 Place haddock into tray oven (Gas Oven 180/Electric 200) and roast with a touch of butter until it is golden in colour.
2 Place parma ham in oven at 160 until dry.
3 Garnish haddock with parma ham.

Recipe courtesy of Riddle and Finns, Brighton.

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