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Consider yourself a chocoholic? You’ll love Seed and Bean, the 100% organic chocolate that’s bursting with flavour and comes with a conscience.

Seed and Bean’s mission has always been to create the most ethical, sustainable and delicious handmade British chocolate.  They believe in courageous chocolate, mixing flavours from nature to transform the simplicity of a pure cocoa bean into what they call ‘kaleidoscopic moments of pleasure’.

Even better, they only produce chocolate that has been traded fairly and support the Fairtrade Foundation as much as they can, through the buying of cocoa and chocolate production and also promotion year on year. What’s more, Seed and Bean is proudly the only 100% ethically accredited chocolate company (Good Shopper Guide 2011, 12, 13, 14, 15).

Here’s five reasons to sink your teeth into a bar:

1 There’s no chance of ‘hints of’ or ‘flavourings’ in the bars. If they can’t use “real”, they don’t make it – and that applies to every 18 full-flavoured bars including; Chile, Lime, Coffee, Coconut, Cornish Sea Salt, Raspberry, Cardamom, Poppy Seed and Hemp.
2 There’s plenty of unusual flavours to try for a spot of tastebud tantalisation – like Chilli & Lime or Mandarin & Ginger.
3 Expect the use of real, 100% organic ingredients – from freeze dried raspberries to whole cardamom pod.
4 They use compostable wrappers produced in Cumbria using primarily Eucalyptus leaves.
5 Every bar is handmade in the UK in very small batches.

Where to find it: Seed and Bean is stocked in a selection of Selfridges, all Wholefoods, Planet Organic, Abel & Cole as well as a range of farm shops and delis around the UK and Europe and internationally.  It is also available from

PLUS: Here’s how to make a sumptuous Seed and Bean Hazelnut Chocolate Tarte


8 dairy free cookies
• 1/2 cup (170g / 3oz) dairy free butter (melted)
• Shortcrust pastry

For the topping:
• 1/2 (113g / 4oz) cup dairy free butter
• 1 cup (220g / 7.75oz) brown sugar
• 1/2 (170g / 6oz) cup maple syrup
• Seed & Bean Sicilian Hazelnut Dark Chocolate
• 1 cup (236ml) coconut cream
• 3 (375g / 13oz) cups broken hazelnuts

To serve:
• Oat Cream
• Berries

1 Put the cookies in a food processor & blend them up into crumbs.
2 Pour the crumbs into a small bowl, add the dairy free butter & mix it together.
3 Pour the mixture into a tart tin, lined with shortcrust pastry (lined with baking paper) & spread it out so it’s neat.
4 Bake the base at 200℃ (392℉) for 10 minutes.
5 Put the dairy free butter in a pan & melt it down.
6 Add the brown sugar & stir it in so it dissolves.
7 Add the maple syrup & stir it in.
8 Break in the Seed & Bean chocolate & melt it into the mixture.
9 Stir in the coconut cream until it’s melted down.
10 Add the hazelnuts & stir them round in the mixture so all the nuts are covered.
11 Pour the mixture into a the shortcrust pastry base.
12 Bake the tart for a further 10 minutes at the same temperature as before.
13 Take the tart out of the oven, let it cool to room temperature.
14 Put the tart in the fridge & chill until it’s hardened.
15 Serve with oat cream & berries.

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