Simon Hulstone’s Rose And Almond Tansy Pudding


Tansy is a wild herb and a somewhat forgotten ingredient. Simon Hulstone has had great success with this floral recipe in competitions – so much so that he decided to name his first daughter Tansy.

You can use butternut squash or pumpkin for the ice cream recipe, but butternut squash has a stronger flavour that serves as a perfect compliment to the almond pudding.

For the butternut squash ice cream:
750g of butternut squash, diced
1 vanilla pod
5 eggs
200g of caster sugar
500ml of milk
500ml of double cream
50ml of liquid glucose

For the rose and almond tansy pudding:
4 sprigs of Tansy, finely chopped
425ml of double cream
55g of butter, plus extra for greasing
3 eggs
115g of caster sugar
6 slices of white bread
55g of ground almonds
2 2/3 handfuls of rose petals
25ml of rose water

To serve:
4 dollops of clotted cream
10 2/3 handfuls of flaked almonds, toasted
4 sprigs of Tansy

1 Preheat the oven to 180°C/Gas mark 4. Dice the peeled butternut squash, wrap in foil with the vanilla pod and bake for 30-45 minutes until soft to the touch. Remove the vanilla pod and blend to a purée with the blender.
Separate the eggs and beat together the egg yolks and sugar.
Combine the milk, cream and glucose in a pan. Bring up to the boil and pour the mixture over the beaten eggs and sugar.
Place the egg and milk mixture in a Thermomix. Bring up to 82°C, turn off the heat and blitz in the butternut purée. Pass through a fine sieve. Allow to cool.
Put the mixture in an ice cream machine and churn until frozen.
Whilst the ice cream is freezing, make the tansy pudding. Preheat the oven to 150°C/Gas mark 2. Put the cream and butter in a pan and bring to the boil.
Butter 4 ramekins. Remove the crusts from the bread and blitz into breadcrumbs. Mix together with the almonds in a large bowl.
Beat 3 eggs together with 115g of caster sugar. Pour the cream over the eggs and mix in quickly before pouring the mixture over the breadcrumbs and ground almonds. Add the chopped tansy, rose petals and rosewater to taste.
Divide the mixture among the ramekins and cook in a roasting dish half full of water for 12-18 minutes at 160ºC/gas mark 3.
10 Gently remove the puddings from the ramekins and serve with 2 tablespoon-sized quenelles of the ice cream and clotted cream. Decorated with the toasted flaked almonds and sprigs of tansy.

Recipe courtesy of Simon Hulstone for Great British Chefs. See here for more. 

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