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From avocado creations to mango marvels, it’s no secret that we’re a nation obsessed with smoothies. Pinterest has even reported a 400% increase in smoothie recipe ideas being saved on Pinterest in the UK over the past four months.

Join the trend and play it smooth with these six delicious smoothie recipes…

1 Sunrise breakfast smoothie


Vibrant and bursting with freshness, this recipe uses a mix of frozen raspberries and strawberries with coconut milk and carrots to create a bright breakfast. Try it here.

2 Blueberry smoothie bowl


Hop on board the smoothie bowl trend with this creamy and filling creation. Bursting with energy for the day ahead, try it here.

3 Mango and cashew smoothie


This unusual recipe uses a mixture of mango and cashew to create a protein-packed recipe that’s brimming with goodness and colour. Try it here.

4 Kiwi and chia seed smoothie


If you love delicately arranged food, you’ll love these kiwi and chia seed smoothies. Find the recipe here.

5 Orange creamsicle smoothie


Bright and fun, this fruity drink makes an excellent summer sip. Find it here.

6 Avocado and banana smoothie


Thick, creamy and full of nourishment – this avocado and banana smoothie is ideal for a filling breakfast option. View the recipe here.

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