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Som Saa is an exciting new Thai restaurant founded by Andy Oliver – an experienced chef who, having worked in Thai kitchens for nearly a decade, has built a deep understanding of Thai cuisine and culture.

Som Saa embraces a style of shared eating that is simply the norm in rural and provincial Thailand. Dishes from the Northern and Northeastern provinces of Thailand are famous for their use of charcoal grills and wood-fired ovens. Some of the dishes include khao thort si naem – a crispy rice croquette with fermented pork, peanuts and ginger; and gaeng hung lay – a Northern-style pork
curry with pickled garlic and ginger.

Classic Thai brunch dishes such as Chinese doughnuts and rice porridge with crispy pork will also be served at weekends, alongside a special Thai coffee developed in conjunction by gourmet coffee roasters Climpson & Sons.

With retro Thai decor, authentic flavours from the kitchen and memorable drinks, the experience at Som Saa promises to transport you to a small town Thailand for the night.

Climpson’s Arch, London E8 3SB | | T: @somsaa_london


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