Miriam González Durántez’s Chicken With Apple

MADE IN SPAIN by Miriam González Durántez. Hodder & Stoughton Publishers 2016

Made In Spain contains truly authentic Spanish recipes created by blogger and recipe writer Miriam González Durántez. Here, she shares her recipe for chicken with apple.

“This is a regular when we have friends for dinner,” says Miriam. “Mostly because it tastes better the day after you cook it, so it actually makes sense to prepare it in advance.

For my grandma, María, this recipe used to start by going to the orchard or the barn to pick up some apples, then going to the farmyard, killing a chicken with her own hands (she could be seriously vicious… but hopefully that is not genetic), then plucking it. Sometimes when I give speeches about the fact that women have an unfair deal, a picture of my grandmother killing a chicken comes to mind.”

Serves 4

• 2–3 tbsp olive oil sea salt
• 6 chicken thighs, or 1 chicken cut into
• 8 1½ onions, chopped into half moon slices
• ½ red pepper, finely chopped
• 2 garlic cloves, finely sliced
• 3 carrots, finely chopped
• 2 tbsp sherry vinegar
• 1 bay leaf
• 3 cooking apples

1 Put the oil in a sauté pan and place it over a medium heat.
2 Salt the chicken pieces and fry them on all sides until golden.
3 Take them out of the pan and set aside.
4 In the same oil, fry the onions, red pepper, garlic and carrots, first over a high heat, then reduce the heat to soften the vegetables. Add a little bit of salt.
5 When the vegetables are soft, return the chicken to the pan. Wait for three minutes, then add the vinegar.
6 Let it bubble for a couple of minutes, then add a glass of water (about 150ml) and the bay leaf.
7 Cover the pan and let it all simmer for 30 minutes. Core the apples and cut them into quarters.
8 Add them to the pan, cover once again and let it all simmer for another 20 minutes until the apples are soft.

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