Tapas Revolution


67. TapasRevolution-1724Omar Allibhoy has been obsessed with food his entire life. With Tapas Revolution he aims to bring classic, simple Spanish dishes to a wider audience across the UK. The first two branches are located in Westfield and Bluewater shopping centres, but I’m sure it won’t be long before the neo-chain spreads further. Although the drinks list offers wine and beer, it’s particularly exciting on the soft drink front – homemade lemonade has a touch of saffron to balance to sweet sharp citrus; horchata, made from tigernut tubers is a new taste for me, unusual but an excellent thirst quencher; mosto is a non-alcoholic sweet grape juice startling for its intensity of flavour. Everything on the food menu appeals but don’t miss acorn-fed Iberian ham, sweet smoky charred pimientos de Padrón or the excellent ham croquettes with a crispy crumb exterior giving way to gooey ham-flecked béchamel.

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