The Ivy’s Lobster, Samphire & Avocado Salad


Sumptuously luxurious, celebrate The Ivy’s 100th birthday alongside the restaurant by serving this lobster salad with lemon dressing at your next dinner party.

2 x 500g lobsters
100g broad beans, cooked and shelled
1 medium strength red chilli, finly diced
40g pea shoot leaves, carefully washed and dried (you can use rocket if you can’t find pea shoots)
4 slices of brioche or focaccia
30g mayonnaise

For the dressing:
2 tbsp good quality white wine vinegar
6 tbsp olive oil
4 tbsp extra-virgin rapeseed oil (available at most good quality supermarkets)
Juice of ½ lemon

To cook the lobster:
3 litres water
200g sea salt

1 Bring water up to boil and add salt; place the lobster into the boiling water and cook for 12 minutes; take out of water and leave to cool. Once cool, remove the claws from the lobsters, then crack the shells and put the meat to one side.
2 Remove the tail by twisting it away from the head, then, with a heavy knife, cut the tail in half lengthways.
3 Cut the lobster into approximately 2 inch pieces, place in bowl with chopped chilli, crushed cooked broad beans and mix with the mayonnaise.
4 To serve, place the lobster mixture onto toasted brioche or focaccia, and finish with peas shoots tossed in lemon dressing.

Recipe courtesy of The Ivy. See here for more.

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