The World’s Most Remote Restaurants

Discover one of the world’s most notoriously remote restaurants…

1 Nordasti Hag, Faroe Islands


Nestled though they are between Iceland and Norway, the Faroe Islands are rather easier to locate than Nordasti Hag – a traditional restaurant accessible only with extensive and arduous endeavour. No roads lead to Nordasti Hag; instead, one must travel cross-country, traversing rocks and swamps first by vehicle then biped. What greets persistent pedestrians is a rustic, well-aged farmhouse, playing host to a kitchen from which emerges humble, homely, and filling fare. Find out more here.

2 Al Mahara, Burj Alarab Hotel, Dubai

The entrance to the underwater restaurant, the al Marhara, at the Burj al Arab in Dubai.

If you like to be under the sea then add the sumptuous underwater dining room at Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel to your bucket list. Boasting a floor-to-ceiling aquarium, the so-named ‘oyster shell’ restaurant might actually be in a city, but is a completely otherworldly experience.

Fine wines combine with a menu of opulent excess – oysters, foie gras, Wagyu beef, Alaskan king crab – and, fittingly for a venue like no other, it all adds up to a completely inimitable experience. Find out more here.

3 The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar 

The Rock Restaurant

The vast expanse of crystal-clear, turquoise water and blinding white sand that surround you might distract from what’s on the plate, but aim to return your attentions to The Rock Restaurant’s food at least every so often – it’s good, with a simple menu making much of local seafood.

Formerly a fishing post off the coast of Michanvi Pingwe beach, the simply-decorated, twelve-table restaurant is accessible both by boat and by foot at low tide. Find out more here.

4 Britta’s Restaurant, Tree Hotel, Sweden


Whether you choose to take your meals in the cosy, retro restaurant, or at altitude; delivered to your private – and very modern – ‘Treeroom’ hostelry, founders Britta and Kent will feed you well at breakfast, lunch and dinnertime.

Traditional Swedish dishes are constructed from locally-sourced, sustainable game and for aged foodstuffs, each defined and refined with flavours drawn from the typical Northern pantry. Menus change daily and can also be built to specification. Find out more here.

5 Huangshan Ziteng Tea House, China 


The tourists clinging, clammy palmed, to the sides of the rickets bridges that barely adhere to the sheer faces of the Yellow Mountains must be in need of a strong cup of locally-grown Huangshan Maofeng tea.

If they complete the precarious perambulation intact, they’re in luck, as that’s just what awaits them at the famous Huangshan Ziteng Tea House which not only breaks the journey but has become the sole reason for embarking upon it. Find out more here.

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