Naamyaa Cafe


Described as a Bangkok Cafe, this is the latest project by well-known restaurateur Alan Yau in conjunction with celebrated Thai food expert, David Thompson. It’s a large restaurant but its beautiful interior design makes it feel warm and welcoming; a perfect balance of traditional Thai styling combined with eclectic and colourful modern furniture – it works! An Asahi draft beer and a fruity watermelon cocktail make for a good start. Fried Eggs with chilli Jam are incredible – cooked perfectly so that cutting into them reveals a viscous pool of golden liquid yolk, the white set but not rubbery with a lovely crisp “skin” from being briefly deep fried and served with a savoury umami chilli jam that is so intense and so good I could eat it on its own. Naamyaa Chicken is tasty but be warned, it’s fiercely hot! Braised tofu, aubergine and shimeji mushroom hot pot, served with rice and a pot of broth soup, is another standout. Not dissimilar to a Chinese black bean dish but with far more complexity of flavour and wonderful silky textures from the three main ingredients. Ask for a table by the glass windows in the corner for a more intimate evening.

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