5 Ways With Truffle

Best eaten at the peak of ripeness, truffles can transform a dish from mediocre to magic. With a distinct peppery taste, a truffle’s unique aroma makes the perfect accompaniment to many autumnal dishes. Try it at home with our selection of delectable chef recipes.

1 Bel-Air’s Truffle & Lemon Chicken


Zesty and full of flavour, this truffle and lemon chicken with crushed Jerusalem artichokes, potatoes and green salad is ideal for a sumptuous autumnal dish. Click here for the recipe.

2 Simon Rogan’s Grilled Salad, Isle Of Mull Cheese Foam & Truffle Custard

Grilled salad-grilled over embers 1-2

Add a kick to your usual lunchtime salad routine with Simon Rogan’s tempting dish. Click here for the recipe.

3 Valentine Warner’s Artichoke, Goat’s Curd & Truffle Pizza


Chef Valentine Warner has devised a deliciously slow-cooked pizza recipe that’s ideal for a seasonal supper and pairs perfectly with the flavours of Leffe beer. Click here for the recipe.

4 Mark Jordan’s Asparagus Spears With Truffle


Mark Jordan’s delicious asparagus recipe is an exceptionally versatile dish – and is ideal for both breakfast or even a light lunch. The recipe combines fresh asparagus spears with truffle, poached free-range duck egg and hollandaise sauce to create a mouth-watering delight. Click here to try it.

5 Jason Atherton’s Burrata And Figs With Truffle Honey

Jason Atherton shares the secret for a simple yet sumptuous construction of burrata and figs with truffle honey. Click here for the recipe.

PLUS: If you love truffle and travel, you’ll love these upcoming Italian food festivals. Click HERE for more. 


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