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The Great British Chefs website has published a national survey of over 5,000 British foodies – revealing a number of interesting results about we like to cook, how we like to cook it and what inspires us.

The study, conducted as part of the Great British Foodie White Paper, revealed that British foodies are regularly cooking an impressive 44 different dishes – and have close to 100 dishes in their repertoire.

Far from sticking to simple chicken and salmon, over 31 different meats, fish, shellfish and game are being served up. Comparing the sexes, the survey revealed that while all foodies love cooking, male foodies are even more experimental than female foodies – cooking double the number of exotic animals like kangaroo and crocodile and 20% more offal. Interestingly, over 95% of participants admitted to cooking a dish that they had seen on a television programme.

What we like to cook
A whopping 91% of those surveyed admitting they eat almost anything. We’re getting adventurous with our roasts, with almost half of those surveyed having cooked goose (47%), quail (40%) and many having tackled a suckling pig at home (18%).

We’re not burying our heads in the sand when trying out unusual meats either, with 37% having cooked ostrich, closely followed by kangaroo (26%), snail (20%), buffalo (15%) and crocodile (13%). Snake (2%), insects (2%) and camel (2%).

What’s in our store cupboards
A snoop inside the store cupboard reveals a truly global approach to cooking, with food lovers more likely to own Thai fish (63%) sauce than brown sauce (62%). Go-to ingredients ranged far beyond stock cubes and tinned tomatoes, with soy sauce (92%), coconut milk (74%), harissa (51%), tahini (45%) and dried seaweed (22%) all featuring heavily in the foodie larder.

What’s more, foodies aren’t big fans of convenience foods – with 62% saying they would rarely or never order a takeaway and a whopping 71% would rarely or never buy a ready meal. Instead, 85% of people said they’d prefer to whip up a meal from scratch.

How we’re cooking
UK foodies regularly bake their own bread (82%), make pickles (40%), brew beer (13%) and some even cure salami (5%). To do all this they’ve got a kitchen to rival the professionals  – with 36% owning ice cream makers, as they own ice cream makers, 35% blitzing fruit with juicers and 12% using a smoker to cook their food.

Ollie Lloyd, CEO of Great British Chefs, commented: “Britain is one of the most multicultural places in the world, and our hunger for new ingredients, cuisines and techniques completely reflects this. Food in the UK today is influenced and inspired by travel, migration and the growing availability of a global store cupboard – it’s no surprise that we’re cooking with more diversity than ever before. It’s phenomenally exciting.”

To take the quiz for yourself and find out how you compare, click here


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