Wild Garlic Recipes


Identifiable by its strong garlic-like aroma and long, stringy green leaves, wild garlic can be found in dense woodland as it prefers damp, shaded areas – and makes the perfect foraged vegetable. Available from late winter to early spring, wild garlic differs from the usual variety as it’s mostly used for its leaves, which can be either cooked or eaten raw.

Browse our collection of chefs’ wild garlic recipes for some edible inspiration on how to make the most of this exciting seasonal ingredient – from pesto to purée, there’s plenty to enjoy.

1 Alan Murchison’s lamb rump with wild garlic, anchovy and pea purée


Lamb rump is an underrated yet supremely tasty cut. In this recipe, Alan Murchison teases out all of its qualities – serving with a pea purée, anchovies and wild garlic. Try the recipe here.

2 Pete Biggs’ breaded hake, asparagus and wild garlic sauce


This vibrant breaded fish recipe by Peter Biggs is a celebration of spring, combining succulent herb-crusted hake with tender asparagus and a vibrant wild garlic sauce. Try the recipe here.

3 Food Urchin’s wild garlic pesto


As an ingredient, wild garlic has definitely become more and more popular over the years, especially for the ambitious home cook. Danny aka Food Urchin is lucky to have wild garlic growing in his garden and shares his recipe for a spring fresh wild garlic pesto. Try it here.

4 Gill Meller’s mutton tartare with pan-roasted oysters & wild garlic flowers


Try this meaty mutton tartare for a vibrant dinner party creation. Paired with pan-roasted oysters and delicate wild garlic flowers, it’s ideal for a spring showstopper. Find the recipe here.

5 Rosana McPhee’s Wild Garlic, Courgette And Pine Nuts With Whole Wheat Fusilli


Using whole wheat pasta is a great way to boost the nutritional value of your dishes. This fusilli pasta recipe from Rosana McPhee combines the classic flavours of courgette, pine nuts and pepper with seasonal wild garlic. Try it here.

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