3 Types and Styles of Essential Dabbing Accessories

Styles of Essential Dabbing Accessories

What is dabbing

Recently, people have gotten into the habit of trying to smoke many types of cannabis and herbs. The increase in the number has driven people to become creative in coming up with different smoking methods. 

One way people have started to smoke is by dabbing the cannabis and the herb in order to get the most out of the flavor of the herb. Dabbing is considered to be one of the most effective ways of smoking cannabis. To smoke using the dabbing method, people are required to get a hold of highly-concentrated cannabis and herbs, which they will be able to use to heat the herb and inhale the smoke that comes out of it. 

Traditionally, people used to smoke by using the dabbing method by doing everything manually; however, nowadays, companies who produce smoking devices have come up with innovative devices that help people in this process. To further elaborate, by using top-quality bongs by Tsunami Glass, the dab rig that is one of the components of a bong helps complete the dabbing process. In other words, when people store the bong with cannabis and herbs and light them, the dab rig completes the dabbing process by also providing people with additional features such as water filtration and enhanced flavor to smokers.

 So, if you want to get the best out of the flavor of the cannabis that you are going to smoke, be sure to use the dabbing method or purchase a smoking device that has a dab rig inserted inside. 

Why dabbing is considered important when using vaping devices

As mentioned above, using the dabbing method allows people to have a better smoking experience when using bongs or Geekvape pod kits by providing them with numerous benefits. 

First and foremost, dabbing allows the cannabis and herbs to extract all of their contents, allowing people to get a better flavor and hit during the smoking hit. 

On the other hand, by using the dabbing method, people have the opportunity to decrease their smoking expenses. To further elaborate, using the cannabis method provides efficiency to smokers, which decreases the amount of cannabis that people are required to use each time they smoke. The reduced amount that people are required to use to get their desired flavor unintentionally prolongs the period that people are going to use a certain amount of cannabis, thus reducing their smoking expenses. 

Finally, by using the dabbing method, the amount of toxins and byproducts that are usually produced from directly burning cannabis is reduced. This reduction decreases the amount of toxins that people consume when they smoke. 

Why using dabbing accessories is important when vaping

When you plan on smoking cannabis using the dabbing method, it is essential to understand the importance of using different dabbing accessories to complete the process. Dabbing accessories are important to provide people with all of the benefits that dabbing provides. In other words, even though you will be able to enjoy some of the benefits of using the dabbing method, having the necessary accessories will allow you to enjoy them to the fullest extent. 

So, before getting into dabbing, it is best to understand the different types and styles of dabbing accessories that you may find in the market. 

Different types and styles of dabbing accessories:

1- Dab Rigs

As previously stated, companies that produce smoking devices have come up with an innovative feature that can be added to smoking devices that help people complete the dabbing process. Dab rigs are mostly used in vaporizers and bongs and are known to provide better smoking experiences to smokers when compared to devices that are not equipped with dab rigs. 

2- Dab Nails

Dab nails – even though not a separate accessory used for dabbing – are considered to play a crucial role in providing people with the best dabbing experience. A dab nail is a component of a dab rig that assists the rig in completing the dabbing process. 

In other words, a dab nail is made out of a special material that can withstand the high temperatures that dabbing requires without causing any harm to the cannabis and its flavor.  

3- Carb Caps

On the other hand, a carb cap is another accessory that assists those who prefer to smoke by following the dabbing method. A carb cap is used to control the smoke flow that gets out of a smoking device, in addition to controlling the heat temperature to prevent the device from burning the cannabis. So, in order to provide people with its promised functions, a carb cap – similar to a dab nail – is produced from heat-resistant materials, such as ceramic, titanium, quartz, etc.

 Each of the accessories mentioned above comes in different types and styles, so before purchasing, be sure to do further research to understand the function of each type and only afterward proceed with the purchase. 


To conclude, the dabbing method has increased the satisfaction that people get from their smoking experience. Hence, be sure to use this method to get the most out of your smoking experience. 


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