Hit-And-Run: What To Do Next?

With the number of rises in cars and bikes, accidents have also risen. Data shows that every year thousands of car accidents happen, leaving the victims injured and dead. Colliding with a vehicle and running away from the scene without any confrontation is called hit and run. Many hit-and-run accidents occur every year in the US because of rash driving and not paying attention while driving. If you are a victim of a hit-and-run, here’s what you should do to find the offender and charge them for their crime.

Gather Information:

After a vehicle hits your car and tries to flee the scene, make sure to take a picture of the license plate and note down the make, model, and color of the vehicle the perpetrator was driving. These things can help you and the police a lot to find the driver who was at fault. It would be good if you also see how the accident damaged their vehicle and in what direction they drove away. After gathering all this information, take pictures of your vehicle and the spot you had the accident. And do not attempt to follow the fleeing vehicle because you might not know what worse can happen to you.

Check For Injuries:

After the collision, check if you and the passengers are safe and sound. If they are injured, call for help first. Hit-and-run casualties can be severe sometimes. Get the help of a doctor and make sure that you are not having any internal bleeding. Internal bleeding can be dangerous, and you’ll not even realize that you are internally bleeding.

Gather Witnesses:

Don’t drive away from the scene to follow the driver at fault; instead, see if there’s any witness to the accident. Ask them if they want to testify for you. Eyewitnesses can help you a lot to win the case and claim the money. The more witness you have, the more chances of winning you have. Look if there are any cameras nearby so that you can get footage of the accident.

Call The Police:

After checking yourself and the passengers for injuries, call 911 and report the hit-and-run accident. Give them every detail you have about yourself. Give them the information about the faulty driver’s vehicle, any photos you’ve taken, and all the other necessary information. Give them the information of the witnesses so they can have their statements. This can help you build strong proof that you are not at fault.

Contact Your Insurance Company:

After the accident, your vehicle must’ve been damaged; contact your insurance company and make money for the damage. They will want proof of the accident and ask you if there’s a driver at fault. Make sure to provide enough details so that you can get money for the damage. If the reasons are not strong for the claim, hire a lawyer and play safe.

Talk To A Lawyer:

If you want to get money from your insurance company and also want the perpetrator to face charges you might consider seeking legal representation. You may reach out to Catania & Catania injury lawyers in Largo, FL, for further help. They can help you build a strong case and win it. They will also help you get money for the damage.


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