Love and History: Romantic London Walks for Couples

London is a bustling city, packed with entrepreneurs, bankers and stockbrokers and creatives, all trying to make their mark on the world. It is also – surprisingly, perhaps – a great city for lovers, offering plenty of romance friendly restaurants, bistros, cafés and hideaways, as well as a great number of walks which you can enjoy solo – but which have an added piquancy when you take your loved one along with you. Let’s have a look at some of the most romantic London walks for couples. 

Window Shopping on Oxford Street 

Wander along one of the best loved shopping streets in the world, and pick your favourite item from each shop window as you go. As well as being great fun, this is a great way to get to know a bit more about your lover: seeing what they choose gives you a little insight into their likes and dislikes! This is a great walk for couples who are not up for longer, more ‘countrified’ walks, and can be very handy if you are staying in a service apartment close to the city centre. (Find out more about short term serviced accommodation here.) 

Ripper and/ Or Ghost Tours 

While this might not immediately strike you as being romantic, consider this: while you are learning all about the ghosts and that long-ago murderer, you and your partner will have plenty of opportunities for protective hand holding and soothing hugs… Aside from being great for getting a bit closer to each, these tours are fascinating and often offer a glimpse into parts of London that are otherwise closed to the public. 

Jubilee Greenway 

A massive sixty kilometres long, created in honour of – at the time – her impressive sixty years on the throne, this lengthy walkway is dedicated to her late majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. While the whole walk would be a bit much, you can pick a section and stroll along, having a coffee at a waterside café here, or lie on the grass and watch the clouds there. The whole walk is designed to be attractive with plenty of places to stop and cuddle or enjoy a snack, but the section by Little Venice is especially nice for couples, with cheerful canal boats against clean buildings and artisanal cafés, boutiques and coffee shops to explore. 

Hampstead Heath 

While the Heath is sometimes in the news for less savoury incidents, it is a truly beautiful place for a walk, especially in spring and summer. The immense park comprises 790 acres of ancient parkland, and is dedicated to giving the people of London a green space to enjoy: an early example of philanthropic understanding of the need for access to nature for good mental health. A circular walk that takes in the best views at the top of Parliament Hill runs around much of the park, and you can try to complete the whole walk (it will take around two hours for average walkers) or complete just a section of it. 

These are just some of London’s many wonderful and romantic walks that you and your partner can enjoy while you visit the UK’s capital city. See if you can find others to enjoy too!


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